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Strategic Fellows complete intensive three week program at IWP

Strategic Fellows 2015 444x718 1The Institute of World Politics is pleased to announce the completion of another three-week Strategic Fellows Program. Company and field grade officers, warrant officers, and senior NCO’s from the U.S. Army  were in attendance. Through a series of lectures and site visits the officers were introduced to the governmental structure which dictates the missions they are tasked to accomplish as service members.

The program is one of many which IWP cultivates as a part of the productive relationship it enjoys with the U.S. Armed Forces. Former Chief of Staff of the Army General Raymond Odierno called for training adaptive and capable leaders. The Strategic Fellows Program is an answer to that call. According to our ethos and mission statement, we believe it is an imperative that the valuable experience earned by military personnel finds its way into the D.C. beltway and that military personnel understand the environment which forms their mission. At the helm of this effort is Dr. Tania Mastrapa, who serves as the Vice President of Professional Affiliations at IWP.

This semester’s Strategic Fellows Program included a series of lectures and site visits that exposed the participants to the different arts of statecraft and current national security threats. The lectures were conducted by IWP professors and friends such as Dr. John Lenczowski, Academic Dean Dr. Mackubin Owens, Libby Liu of Radio Free Asia, Clark Judge of the White House Writers Group, and more. General William Hix of the Army Capabilities Integration Center as well as CW5 David Williams also visited with the Fellows. 

The Institute is pleased to have hosted these officers for our Strategic Fellows Program and wishes them well as they return to their respective posts.

Strategic Fellows 2015 at Gettysburg 444x718