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IWP Career Director Derrick Dortch interviews Ron Sanders on cyber intelligence

On October 16, Derrick T. Dortch interviewed Ron Sanders, vice president and fellow at Booz Allen Hamilton and former associate director of National Intelligence and the first Chief Human Capital Officer for the U.S. Intelligence Community.  The interview, which was broadcasted on Fed Access for Federal New Radio [1500 AM], covered a report published by the Intelligence and National Security Alliance (INSA) on Cyber Intelligence: Preparing Today’s Talent for Tomorrow’s Threats.

Mr. Dortch began his interview by asking Dr. Sanders to talk about the current dynamic in cyber security, cyber intelligence, and the workforce. Mr. Sanders answered that the demand for cyber security and intelligence is rising, since there are more threats every day, but the supply of cyber professionals is not meeting the respective demand. Mr. Dortch noted that in higher education, there is a big lack of interest in cyber-related majors.

They continued to discuss different topics included in Dr. Sanders’ report, such as the current direction of the cyber intelligence community. They proceeded to talk about the competition in this field, and Dr. Sanders mentioned that, as of right now, there is little to no competition, but in a near future there will be many cyber-related majors coming out of higher education institutes. Towards the end of the interview, Mr. Dortch and Dr. Sanders addressed the fact that more people should get involved in the cyber intelligence and cyber security areas because they are areas that are in need of more professionals.

Dr. Sanders will be speaking at The Institute Of World Politics on October 29, 2015 addressing the same topic: “Cyber Intelligence: Preparing Today’s Talent for Tomorrow’s Threats.” 

Please click here to listen to the interview.