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IWP welcomes Dr. Paul Coyer as Research Professor

IWP welcomes Dr. Paul Coyer as Research Professor

Paul Coyer discusses Putin and the Russian Orthodox Church June 2015 444x718The Institute of World Politics is pleased to announce that Dr. Paul Coyer is joining the IWP faculty as a Research Professor.

Dr. Coyer, who earned his Ph.D. from the London School of Economics, will be preparing his dissertation for publication during his time at IWP.  His dissertation describes the impact of the U.S. Congress on President Nixon, Ford and Carters management of the opening and early development of the relationship with China.  His analysis examines the changing attitudes of both the public, as well as Congress, toward the Cold War from the 1960s through 1980.  Dr. Coyer also investigates the changing attitudes within the Democratic Party towards the nature of the United States global role from the mid-1960s onwards, which shift provided the backdrop for how the opening to China was perceived among Democrats, and also informed the attitude among Democrats toward potential Sino-American collaboration against the Soviet Union.

Other sub-themes discussed in Dr. Coyers research include realpolitik and its influence during the 1970s, and the domestic political reaction to what was perceived as the minimizing of a moral framework for understanding the Cold War confrontation (which reverberates today in the current debate over the proper moral framework within which the United States should interact with the rest of the world); the struggle between the Executive and Legislative Branches over the issue of control of foreign and national security policy at a time of enormous internal flux in the wake of Vietnam and Watergate; and Sino-American collaboration and the domestic political debate over such collaboration.

Dr. Coyer is currently a frequent contributor to covering foreign policy with a focus on Eurasia. He has extensive experience in Academia, having served as a scholar at the Institute for European, Russian and Eurasian Studies at the Elliott School of International Affairs at George Washington University. He also served as a visiting lecturer on Chinese foreign policy and Sino-American relations at the University of Florence.

Dr. Coyer has lived and worked abroad in several different locations. In Shanghai, he did macro-economic research on China’s development and edited a book on the Shanghai stock exchange that was jointly published by JP Morgan and the South China Morning Post. In Hong Kong, he did a brief stint in banking with Deutsche Bank.  He also has experience as a staff member for the Republican Policy Committee in the U.S. Senate.

During his time at the Institute, Dr. Coyer also plans to present lectures on a variety of topics, which may include Congress role in U.S. foreign policy making, the nature of the U.S. opening to China, the role of religion in international affairs, and the growth of Chinese influence in Eastern Europe.

In June 2015, Dr. Coyer gave a lecture at IWP entitled Putin and the Russian Orthodox Church.  Please click here to watch the video.