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Political and Moral Philosophy course to be offered this spring

Aristotle 444x718IWP’s new course on Political and Moral Philosophy (IWP 675) will be offered in Spring 2015. 

This course, which is required for the Executive Master of Arts in National Security Affairs, is taught by Prof. Joseph Wood, former Deputy National Security Advisor to the Vice President. 

The course aims to familiarize students with some major themes in Western and American political and moral thought.  It reviews the work of some key thinkers and writers from the three cities generally associated with the development of the Western moral tradition: Athens, Jerusalem, and Rome.  Students will learn what these thinkers believed about a good life and the purpose and place of politics in a good life.

The course will also cover the fundamental political thinking of the American founders, and how that thinking contrasts with later strands of American political thought.