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Dr. John Lenczowski discusses American foreign policy at the Young America’s Foundation

On November 14, 2015, Dr. John Lenczowski presented at the Young America’s Foundation’s 2015 Fall Conference at the Reagan Ranch.  In his talk, Dr. Lenczowski discussed the importance of alternative statecraft and the understanding of how to strategically win wars using nonmilitary measures. 

In order to be successful in securing domestic and international security, he noted, the United States needs more people in our government who are sensitive to understanding how to defeat the enemy without the use of force.  In the past decade and a half, the United States has adopted policies favoring the disengagement from the world and the Middle East, increased isolationism, and disinvestment in defense.  We must understand the realistic implications that disengagement causes, such as the loss of credibility and diminished reputation in the international scope. 

Dr. Lenczowski argued that, in the past, we have incorrectly treated terrorism as a strictly military and intelligence problem, while, in actuality, it is deeply rooted in political, propaganda, and ideological perceptions.  Different forms of statecraft, including cultural diplomacy, are cheaper than engaging in military war and are more efficient in combatting conflict.  Bearing moral witness, telling the truth, understanding history, and embodying patriotism are central in the success of our national security. 

In his discussion, Dr. Lenczowski analyzed U.S. foreign policy using the specific cases of ISIS and the United States’ current relationship with China.  On how we should approach the fight against radical Islamists, Dr. Lenczowski asserted that the United States must reveal the illusion of the radical Islamic State by supporting politically moderate Islamic institutions and truthfully spreading the message to terrorists that by committing acts of terror and mass murder they are going to be punished, rather than praised, in the afterlife.

In analyzing China and its military and strategic competence, Dr. Lenczowski stressed that we must open our eyes to the reality of its rise to power and the threat that it poses to the United States. 

Other notable speakers at the YAF conference included radio talk show host Ben Shapiro; Brian Kilmeade of Fox News; Alliance Defending Freedom’s senior legal counsel, David Hacker; Washington state’s 13th district congressional representative, Mathew Manweller, and the founder of the American Civil Rights Institute, Ward Connerly.

To view Dr. Lenczowski’s talk, please click here.