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Derrick Dortch and Evan Lesser discuss the security clearance process now and in the future

Derrick Dortch, IWP’s career director and host of the Fed Access radio show, spoke with Evan Lesser of The show focused on the process that applicants go through on their way to a government job, especially those that require a security clearance of any kind.

A large part of the show covered how social media activity has impacted the security clearance process. In just the last few weeks since the annual budget was passed, the government has made it clear that it would like social media activity to be considered as part of the clearance process. The government is in discussions as to whether or not federal clearance investigators can or should have “backdoor” access to social media sites like Facebook, to be able to get a deeper look into an applicant’s views.

The possibility of outsourcing clearance investigations to private contractors was also discussed. While the cost-benefits maybe be immediately attractive, recent examples of the consequences of lax security investigations have become all too clear in the past few years — think Snowden, Manning, and Aaron Alexis.

Mr. Lesser and Mr. Dortch also talked about how, after the cyber attack on the Office of Personnel Management last April, there is some talk about creating a new federal agency solely dedicated to security clearance investigation and safekeeping.

There is a surplus of openings for almost all federal jobs that require security clearances, from linguists to technical specialists to accountants and administrators. One area of specific growth within the federal jobs market has to do with high technology. That is, the federal government is modernizing its computing infrastructure, including using cloud computing, cyber security, and mobile and tablet computing. 

Please click here to listen to the interview.