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IWP Cyber Intelligence Institute hosts Lt. Gen. Edward Cardon – Commander US Army Cybercom


The Institute of World Politics’ Cyber Intelligence Institute Hosts
Lt General Edward Cardon – Commander US Army Cybercom

The Institute is uniquely positioned to host exceptional thought leaders from both government and private industry.

LTG Edward Cardon 2WASHINGTON, DC (February 1, 2016) –  On 29 January 2016, The Institute of World Politics (IWP) hosted the highly sought after Commander of US Army Cybercom, Lt. General Edward Cardon, as the featured speaker in its latest Cyber Intelligence Institute discussion panel.

Building upon the foundation of IWP’s Cyber Intelligence discussion forums hosted in 2015, IWP announced at this event that the launch of its Cyber Intelligence Institute (CII) would take place in April 2016.  CII will provide premier cyber intelligence education, certification and collaboration opportunities for cyber security professionals in the government and private sector.  Unlike other established cyber education programs, IWP’s CII offers a unique program for emerging government and industry leaders, taught by scholar-practitioners from the national security and intelligence communities, to understand and better manage the strategic effects of operations in the cyber domain.  Understanding how cyber intrusions and attacks occur is important, but understanding why they occur and what their impact is to the overall mission of an enterprise is the responsibility of the strategic leader.

General Cardon presented an overview of the unclassified aspects of US Army Cyber Command and how it operates in cyberspace in conjunction with other US Government and private sector entities to execute cyber initiatives in support of US national security.  General Cardon graciously provided the assembled CII participants – comprised of government, intelligence analysts, private sector leaders and press – with insights and mission critical information to help in the understanding of US Army Cyber Intelligence. The many questions he answered and the quality of the interaction with the General were enormously helpful to all who attended the standing room only event and underscored the value of the CII forums for government and private sector innovation.

When asked to further define the value of an IWP Cyber Intelligence education, CII founder Michelle Watson stated, “Cyber intelligence is an important discipline that enables a professional workforce across the intelligence cycle to understand how to assess the capabilities, intentions, and activities of potential adversaries and competitors in the cyber domain, with cyber counterintelligence as a significant sub-discipline.”

This event was sponsored by DuKlaw Ventures. DuKlaw Ventures has partnered with IWP-CII as a strategic partner and sponsor working with CII to provide private sector innovation participation internationally and in Silicon Valley.  DuKlaw Venture Principal Advisor Carlos Collazo stated: “Innovation is a key component of Cyber Intelligence. The speed and diversity of innovation in cyber security provides information insight to mission critical cyber intelligence analysis. The private sector is an important contributor to the cyber security innovation world and thusly can contribute to as well as benefit greatly from cyber intelligence. IWP and the Cyber Intelligence Institute provide a unique and strategic value to government and private sector innovators as it blends education, professional certification and beneficial collaboration at the apex of the cyber security sector. Success oriented professionals and innovation companies will receive a unique opportunity with CII.”

Information about CII and past, future events can be found here.

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The Institute of World Politics is a graduate school of national security, strategic intelligence, and international affairs, dedicated to developing leaders with a sound understanding of international realities and the ethical conduct of statecraft, based on knowledge and appreciation of the founding principles of the American political economy and the Western moral tradition.

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