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John Lenczowski discusses the supposed Syrian ceasefire with Newsmax Prime


John Lenczowski, President of The Institute of World Politics, discusses the potential Syrian cessation of hostilities with Newsmax Prime

On February 12th, Dr. John Lenczowski spoke on Newsmax Prime with host, J.D. Hayworth, a former U.S. Congressman. Mr. Hayworth asked Dr. Lenczowski if  he thought that a ceasefire was likely in Syria. To which Dr. Lenczowski responded that although John Kerry called for a “cessation of hostilities,” an actual ceasefire is unlikely, when understood in its legal, rigorous sense. Dr. Lenczowski went on to say that a ceasefire would be productive from a humanitarian standpoint, but disadvantageous for some of the political factions in Syria.

It would be dangerous if the U.S. were involved in removing the few remaining functional institutions in the Middle East, including Assad’s government. Instead, Dr. Lenczowski noted, such moves only empower radical Islamist Organizations.

Mr. Hayworth concluded by postulating that Russia perceives the war in Syria turning into a world war, and asked Dr. Lenczowski for his comments, to which he replied that this narrative is propaganda. It is Putin’s way of deflecting Russia’s economic problems. Dr. Lenczowski further noted that Putin needs to distract the Russian public’s attention from internal ailments and the sooner the problem in Syria gets resolved, the sooner the world community can focus their attention onto ISIS.

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Watch the interview here