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Derrick Dortch interviews Mike Bruni about job market trends in the federal government

Derrick Dortch interviews Mike Bruni about job market trends in the federal government

On February 19, 2016, IWP career director Derrick Dortch interviewed Mike Bruni, the talent acquisition manager at SC3, for his radio show “Fed Access with Derrick T. Dortch.” They discussed trends in the federal job market and opportunities that exist in the defense, national security, healthcare, and IT industries.

During the interview, Mr. Bruni gave his advice on how to get a job in 2016. The market has improved from 2015 and hiring this year has been skills-centric. However, the market remains competitive, and people will have to stand out with unique skills to get a federal job. They also discussed the subject of security clearances. The government has more open positions that require clearances than actual personnel cleared for such posts. A clearance, however, does not guarantee a job; firms are searching for skilled employees, and, while clearances are often a signpost for such uniqueness, underlying credentials need to be strong.  

One of the predominant themes of the discussion concerned the best environments where employees should look for work. Mr. Bruni took a balanced approach to this topic: there will always be merits and drawbacks to any single workplace. Qualified people will be in demand and will have to choose from whatever environment is best for them and suits their ambitions. For example, government jobs may be more stable; however the private sector tends to be more flexible, and, oftentimes, more remunerative.

Furthermore, Mr. Bruni offered up the advice that a developed social media presence could be key to improving your chance of getting a federal job. In the last few years, especially with LinkedIn, social media has changed the hiring process. Again, Mr. Bruni insisted on “the ability to market your skills correctly” by using different tools like a profile picture, keywords, education, etc.

Finally, Mr. Bruni also talked about Project S.A.V.E., an educational nonprofit organization which gives recruiters and HR professionals an opportunity to share ideas and promote networking.

Please click here to listen to the interview.