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Amb. R. James Woolsey discusses the Apple encryption case

On Thursday, February 25, Former Director of Central Intelligence and current IWP Chancellor Ambassador R. James Woolsey spoke with Liz Claman on the Fox News Claman Confidential show regarding whether the Apple encryption case should go to the Supreme Court.

When asked if the case is headed for the Supreme Court, Amb. Woolsey replied, “It may well be, but I don’t think that’s the way it ought to be worked out.”

He argued that both parties involved-Apple and the FBI-have legitimate motives as to why they are sticking to the different values they are defending. Amb. Woolsey reasoned, “Both of them [Apple and FBI] are espousing important and positive values: the value of security and the value of privacy.”

One resolution posed by Amb. Woolsey that would assist in assuaging Apple’s privacy fears would be to hand the jurisdiction of the case over to a more private court-such as the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act Court. This process would enable the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act Court to resolve the issues presented by both Apple and the FBI by keeping the case secret without giving away any “backdoors” into Apple’s product security.

Please click here to watch the interview.