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Amb. R. James Woolsey discusses biological, chemical, and EMP threats

On Sunday, February 28, Ambassador R. James Woolsey was a guest on the Lisa Benson Show discussing biological, chemical, and EMP threats toward the U.S. The show emphasized potential threats to America’s electric grid, fears of the Zika Virus, and the chemical and biological weapons ISIS has acquired.

When discussing the issue of North Korea and Iran having the ability to send a ballistic missile towards the U.S., Ambassador Woolsey pointed out that those countries are “not far away from being able to detonate a weapon in orbit above the United States,” which would subsequently destroy our electric grid, as we have an almost non-existent resilience to such attacks.

Lisa Benson noted that there is no missile defense system for the eastern seaboard of the United States, and that, although there is a missile defense system in Alaska and California, it is assumed that the programs are not operating very smoothly. Ambassador Woolsey commented, “I would say that against Russia, we might have a very slight bet of missile defense.” However, concerning looming threats from Iran, Amb. Woolsey pointed out that there was a program in 2009 that was supposed to deploy ABM defenses that would help in Europe, but it would not be able to counter the longer range missiles headed for the U.S.

Ambassador Woolsey continued discussing WMD threats by stating that he is “more worried about the orbital satellites that could contain a nuclear weapon that could be detonated over the U.S.”

Please click here to listen to the full interview.