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Amb. R. James Woolsey discusses Salah Abdeslam’s capture and the possibility of waterboarding

On Friday, March 18, Ambassador R. James Woolsey, current IWP Chancellor and former Director of Central Intelligence, was a guest on the Fox Business Show Making Money with Charles Payne. He joined former US Navy SEAL Carl Higbie, former FBI Military Intelligence Officer Steve Rogers, and Fox News Contributor Eboni Williams to discuss the last survivor’s suspect of the Paris attack, Salah Abdeslam’s capture and above all, whether waterboarding should be used during the interrogation process.

Waterboarding, also called water torture, “often gets people to give information after only being used once,” according to Amb. Woolsey. As this technique is employed in the training of the US Navy Seals and other special forces in Europe, the debate on whether it is torture has not yet been resolved. In extreme circumstances, using waterboarding can be considered as an efficient interrogation technique, without amounting to torture.

Amb. Woolsey noted that this was not a simple crime, and it is necessary to realize this fact when deciding how to deal with the suspect.

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