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Ambassador R. James Woolsey discusses jihadism and the Obama Administration’s reluctance

In response to the terrorist attack in Pakistan on Easter Sunday targeting Christians, in which 70 were killed and hundreds more injured, IWP Chancellor Ambassador R. James Woolsey discussed how ISIS is branching out from Iraq and Syria to integrate itself into other nations.

As a guest speaker at Fox News on Monday, March 28, Amb. Woolsey stated, “It is important to crush ISIS at its home base, but this is a worldwide phenomenon. These are Islamists, a word that the administration won’t even utter… We are at war with a very strong, long-term movement that we have to crush.”

The Obama administration has refused to acknowledge the forces that we are fighting, specifically jihadists. Amb. Woolsey pointed out that although not all of the recent terrorist attacks are caused by ISIS – some have had an indirect relationship – they are almost all Islamic jihadists. “The administration won’t even say the word [jihadists]. It’s very hard to defeat something you won’t describe at all,” Amb. Woolsey stated.

ISIS has branched out across the globe; its members in the U.S. with the San Bernadino shooting, and in Europe with the Paris attacks and the recent Belgium bombings. Its expansion will not stop there, however, and Amb. Woolsey argued, “They [ISIS] want a world-wide caliphate, and they’ll start however they can do it. What the caliphate means is that you don’t get to be a Christian or a Jew: you get killed or converted. Those are the two options.”

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