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Ambassador R. James Woolsey discusses what Brussels attacks expose about terror

Belgium has been the center of attention after the devastating terrorist attacks on March 22, 2016 at Brussel’s Airport in Zaventem and at the Maalbeek Metro Station, for which ISIS took responsibility.

On Friday, March 25, IWP Chancellor Ambassador R. James Woolsey was a guest on Fox News, where he discussed the developing story of a supposed kidnapping that morning that may have been connected to the attackers’ attempt to acquire nuclear material. Fox News reported that a suspected terrorist was shot in the leg as he tried to kidnap a girl and get away with a bag of explosives. It was discovered that some of the Brussel bombers were caught filming the home of a nuclear plant director in Belgium.

Amb. Woolsey addressed the question of whether the acquisition of nuclear weapons by terrorist groups is a new threat we must look into, and referenced that this event is a reminder of what ISIS and other terrorist groups are capable of. “We should not assume that anything is past them,” Amb. Woolsey reported. Unfortunately, ISIS has become more sophisticated in terms of hiding their bomb making attempts. Social media plays a large role in masking their whereabouts.

When asked whether a declaration of war would assist in efforts to extinguish ISIS, Amb. Woolsey said he does not think it will be beneficial, stating, “We have not declared war since the day after Pearl Harbor. We had resolutions passed by Congress for Vietnam and the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, but not a declaration of war… we need to realize that we are at war with a branch of one of the world’s great religions.”

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