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Amb. R. James Woolsey visits the Netherlands for a symposium on terrorism

Amb. Woolsey in the NetherlandsAmb. R. James Woolsey, former Director of Central Intelligence and Chancellor at The Institute of World Politics, recently visited the Netherlands for the International CIDI Symposium on terrorism, Israel, and international law. While there, he discussed with several sources the issue of ISIS and the fight against terrorism.

On March 30, he was on Dutch public television NOS to discuss false information on the Belgian Bakraoui brothers that had been provided by the United States. This information actually came from the police in New York and not the FBI. Therefore, the parliament made a mistake, and the Chamber was misinformed. Amb. Woolsey noted that overall, the NYPD has had a very effective counterterrorism operation. He was interviewed by BNR, where he gave his opinion on how important it is that the information is better shared.

On the same day, he appeared on AND, where he discussed the war with the caliphate. He explained how the group gained control of its territory and has also established an empire.

Amb. Woolsey also spoke to EenVandaad Binnenland on March 23 about the war against ISIS. He explained how ISIS will represent the first major challenge since the Cold War: the Western world will be at war again. He also mentioned in the Telegraaf journal how ISIS should be completely eradicated.

He was quoted by Welingelichte Kringen on how terrorism will grow in the next couple of years. Even though it’s hard to predict, he can assure that it will “get worse before it gets better.” We will live in difficult times before it stops. The biggest problem with ISIS is that it attracts people who are willing to die. For those who refuse the caliphate and the religion, it is death. He also gave an interview with the Dutch newspaper Algemeen,, where he gave his opinion again about the future war.