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Dr. Sebastian Gorka Speaks on Fox News’s The Kelly File about Counterterrorism in Light of the Brussels Attacks

On March 25, IWP Professor Sebastian Gorka spoke on Fox News’s The Kelly File about the criticism of counterterrorism efforts after the Brussels attacks. Dr. Gorka said of the attack that “It could have been prevented if we had a different form of leadership in Europe, and if we didn’t see complete failure of the immigration and integration policies within the European Union.”

Dr. Gorka went on to also speak about the threat that now faces America in light of the Brussels attacks. Dr. Gorka stated, “We have a real clear and present danger from jihad,” and elaborated further, stating: “We do have areas where there’s a higher density of radicalization.  But it’s not as bad as Europe is right now.”

While stating the evidence that America does appear to be safer at this time than Europe, Dr. Gorka concluded by saying “Remember, America is the number one infidel target for the jihadist.”