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Chancellor Woolsey discusses waterboarding with Fox News

IWP Chancellor and former CIA Director Amb. R. James Woolsey made an appearance on the Fox News program On The Record hosted by Greta Van Susteren on April 11, 2016 to discuss why he believes CIA Director John Brennan is wrong on waterboarding. 

Amb. Woolsey explained that it is one thing to disagree with a policy, and it is another thing to refuse an order of a President, which a CIA director does not have the authority to do.

Amb. Woolsey also explained that the legality of waterboarding is being debated and the key question is: is waterboarding torture? The former Director mentioned that people who consider waterboarding a form of torture would have to admit it is a very strange form of torture because the U.S. military uses it train its soldiers. He argued that if a terrorist held valuable information that could save the lives of Americans, and waterboarding was the only way to get that information, its use should be considered.

Please click here to watch the clip.