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Ambassador R. James Woolsey speaks sbout Russia and Israel

Former CIA Director and Chancellor at IWP Amb. R. James Woolsey recently spoke on the Lisa Benson Radio Show on the topics of Russian provocations and Israeli defiance.

When asked about Putin’s aggression towards NATO, Amb. Woolsey responded by stating that Putin is similar to former czars, who have always had an aggressive stance towards the land around them.

On the topic of NATO itself, Amb. Woolsey stated that “the United States leadership position in NATO is deteriorating.” He observed that the Baltic States are in “a delicate and difficult circumstance,” with their close proximity to Russia.

Amb. Woolsey also looked at the sense of security that NATO has provided since WWII and the difference it made from the lack of security after WWI. He spoke about the scaling down of military capability of vulnerable countries like Ukraine. He also stated that Russia is “doing everything it can to bolster the military capabilities of its allies.” Amb. Woolsey also discussed how Russia is using the Syrian situation to its advantage.

Please click here to listen.