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IWP Chancellor R. James Woolsey discusses ISIS amid Mideast turmoil

On Thursday, April 14, IWP Chancellor Ambassador R. James Woolsey was a guest on Fox News, where he discussed whether the increased movement of ISIS fighters into Libya suggests that the United States now has some momentum against ISIS forces. Fox News stated that the Obama administration believes that ISIS has increased its movement because the coalition against it has been successful.

Amb. Woolsey mentioned that if the U.S. is going to confront a problem such as ISIS, we are going to have to participate in the act of fighting. He claimed that a big problem was created in Syria a few years ago when Obama drew the “red line” on Assad and demanded his regime not use chemical weapons on his people. When Assad did use chemical weapons on his people in the form of poisonous gas, Amb. Woolsey claimed that the Obama administration turned the situation over to the Russians, thereby relieving themselves of pressure and not having to react. This situation created a problem that revealed a weak spot in the U.S. in the sense that we do not act on what we say, thereby giving nations the idea that we will not carry out the “hard lines” that we may draw in the future.

Amb. Woolsey also discussed how the Russians and the Saudis may start working in tandem with one another after finding common ground-oil. He argued that if we do not switch fuels and become more competitive, the aforementioned nations, along with Iran and ISIS, will cause a great deal of difficulty for the U.S. in terms of energy and dependency.

To watch the full interview, please click here.