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New course at IWP: International Organizations and Multilateral Diplomacy

United Nations Security Council 444x718A new course will soon be offered at IWP — International Organizations and Multilateral Diplomacy (IWP 682). The course will examine the role of international organizations within the international political system. Specifically, it will focus on the roles in which organizations such as the United Nations, ASEAN, the European Union, and NATO play in collective defense, collective security, cooperative security, and preventive diplomacy.

Dr. Mackubin Owens, Dean of Academic Affairs and Professor, noted that students need to know about these organizations’ strengths and weaknesses because of the integral part they play in foreign policy.

Cooperative security, which is a variation of collective security, will be a focus because it enables preventive security. Dr. Owens explained, “Instead of waiting for a crisis to erupt, nations can take steps beforehand to head the crisis off.”

The professor for the course is yet to be determined. It will be a two credit course.