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Dr. Matthew Daniels to lead panel at the 2016 Health Privacy Summit

On Tuesday, June 7, Dr. Matthew Daniels will participate in the 2016 Health Privacy Summit at the Georgetown University Law Center. He will lead a panel entitled “Privacy as a Fundamental Human Right,” exploring issues of the digitalization of genetic data and the increasing commerce in personal health information by big data companies and its threat to the privacy of individuals. He will argue that the only way of combatting this risk is with a renewed application of the human right to privacy in the digital age. The panel will be featured in the breakout sessions beginning at 2:55 PM.

Dr. Matthew Daniels is an Adjunct Professor and founder of The Center for Human Rights and International Affairs at IWP. Dr. Daniels is also the founder of Good of All, a global public education movement committed to using digital and social media to promote universal human rights.

More information and registration for the event: