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Panel of community development experts speaks on global development


A panel of experts spoke at IWP on May 25 about the political and economic dynamics of global development. The panel featured Al Santoli, an IWP professor; James Pitchford, a capacity-building specialist; and Sundraham Prabhu, a major figure in Afghanistan’s second largest bank. Joel Coulter, another capacity building expert, served as a moderator to the panel.

To a large extent, the panel focused on the strategic aspects of development. For example, Professor Santoli spoke about the influence of China on global development, with attention paid to the mining of rare earth minerals globally. Mr. Pitchford followed on Professor Santoli’s remarks with his own insight on strategy and development. His remarks addressed the role of special operations forces in America’s evolving diplomatic position, and some of the inefficiencies of this position. Mr. Pitchford cited the current development programs overseen by the Department of Defense as evidence of mismanagement and missed opportunities.

Coulter 4Mr. Prabhu emphasized the civic aspects of development, and spoke optimistically about the potential for his bank to promote human capital growth in Afghanistan. Mr. Prabhu admitted that “establishing a successful civil society in Afghanistan isn’t easy,” but he also added optimistically that “nothing is impossible.” Mr. Prabhu cited how Afghanistan, for example, is developing by tapping into the power of technology. His remarks presented the view that there is room for growth in Afghanistan.

The panel addressed the hard and soft elements that constrain, develop, and make significant the phenomenon of global development. In the process, many fresh ideas and insights were unveiled.

Joel Coulter  Former PMI, WFS, CRDF, AUVSI Board Member; Advisor to KSI Video and Council on Global Relations; Ambassador of DVA-C’s OASIS Program; CEO of Mobile Sciences Consortium, LLC

Al Santoli Founder/President of Asia America Initiative; Philippine Order of the Global Heart award recipient; Faculty member at IWP

James Pitchford Former Legislative Assistant for Senator Christopher S. Bond; Advisor to Host Nation Perspectives for its capacity building program

Sundraham Prabhu Chairman and CEO ConsolSys (India); Chairman, Board of Supervisors, Azizi Bank; Chairman, Audit Committee, Azizi Bank, Kabul; CWorld Bank Projects, CoWater International