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Matthew Daniels to hold new Chair of Law and Human Rights at IWP

Matt Daniels 444x718Matthew Daniels, J.D., Ph.D., formerly an adjunct professor, will hold the newly-endowed Chair of Law and Human Rights at The Institute of World Politics.

Dr. Daniels is the founder of Good of All, ( an international public education movement dedicated to promoting universal human rights in the Digital Age.  Building from an initial base in South Korea, Good of All has launched a half dozen academic centers on three continents and has reached over 18 million people online.

At IWP, Dr. Daniels founded the Center for Human Rights and International Affairs, which he now chairs. He also teaches Human Rights and Counter-Radicalization (IWP 673), a course which introduces the morally, legally and politically strategic terrain of human rights in the context of both international relations and national security.

“My experience teaching at universities on three continents led me to appreciate the unique nature and value of IWP as a school that is answering the call for effective leaders in the increasingly dangerous world of international affairs,” said Dr. Daniels.  “The founder, board, and faculty of IWP have created an educational institution where the timeless principles of freedom and leadership are passed on to future generations by those who have both studied and practiced the arts of statecraft.”

In addition to his work at IWP, Dr. Daniels is the Founder and Co-Director of the Center for Law and Digital Culture at Brunel Law School in London, England, and an Adjunct Professor of Law at Handong International Law School in Pohang, South Korea. 

He has served as an affiliate faculty member at the George Mason University School of Business in Washington, D.C., where he developed a course on the protection of human rights online together with a team of faculty from GMU Law School and the GMU School of Business.

Dr. Daniels also founded Human Liberty, a non-profit human rights education movement to raise awareness of extreme human rights violations in countries such as North Korea.

“Matt is doing work that is important for our country and for our world,” commented IWP Dean Mackubin Owens.  “IWP will benefit from his presence on our full time faculty, and we hope that he will benefit from his time at IWP.”