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New book by Dr. John J. Tierney, Jr. released: “Conceived in Liberty: The American Worldview in Theory and Practice”

Conceived in LibertyOn June 7, 2016, Dr. John Tierney, Walter Kohler Professor of International Relations released his anticipated third book, Conceived in Liberty: The American Worldview in Theory and Practice, which delves into the consistency and character of the American worldview — offering expert insight into the dynamic relationship between American Exceptionalism and the cultural, sociological, and geopolitical implications of liberty.

A book lecture with Dr. Tierney followed by a reception, will be held at IWP in September.

While liberty is a value shared by many countries, the United States remains the only nation to herald it as the very core of society. In his book, Dr. Tierney explains that the American public heavily subscribes to the belief that American people are “exceptional” and honors a societal foundation of liberty. In turn, these attitudes dictate the public’s evaluation of equality, patience, charity, and justice. Consequently, Dr. Tierney argues that these considerations greatly influence what captures America’s attention and how it responds to social movements in an entirely unique way. These movements include women’s rights, civil rights, and voting rights, all of which can only exist in a nation that prioritizes liberty.

In addition, the book outlines other factors that are simultaneously created by the American worldview and maintained by it. These include the distinct geography, heterogeneous population, energy of the populace, emphasis on public policies, as well as other components that establish an attitude of exceptionalism.

While Conceived in Liberty showcases many of the United States’ most prosocial features, Dr. Tierney is not naïve in his analysis and remains diagnostic in his approach of outlining America’s worldview. Ultimately, Dr. Tierney concludes that the adoption and expansion of liberty is integral to the future prosperity and spread of democracy.