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Decision-making theorist gives talk on qualitative decision-making at IWP’s first public workshop

Dr. John Hoven, a decision-making theorist of qualitative data, presented in the first of a series of workshops hosted at IWP. His focus was on better interpreting data in a discrete situation–a situation defined by a lack of prior information able to determine the situation’s outcome. Dr. Hoven argued that these situations are more common than not, and that his methodology–what he termed “fast-feedback”–works to appraise this situation quickly.

Hoven The crux of this decision-making is reflection on necessary and sufficient causes of phenomena. Dr. Hoven argued that whether we aim to explain why a phenomenon exists or posit that it will after certain inputs are activated, we are using a method of inquiry that is independent to an analysis of statistical data. By focusing on relationships of one thing to another, Dr. Hoven said, we glean validated paradigms for use in deliberation until, by this same process, a superior conceptual model evolves.