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IWP hosts immersive nation simulation activity for Pepperdine University’s D.C. program

Sim On November 30th 2016, twenty students of Pepperdine University’s Washington, D.C. program participated in an interactive nation simulation. The event focused on examining aspects of statecraft as a continuation of the strategic, political, and moral debates active within the political society of a state at-large. Participants had to maneuver around the intrigues, crises, and debacles of a fictitious country (the Pepperdine Republic) within their respective roles as prime ministers, belligerent neighboring states, terrorists, leaders of NGOs, voting publics, etc. The simulation was designed by IWP’s Public Outreach and Events Coordinator Kevin Dunne and moderated by himself and Pepperdine University’s Washington D.C. Director Brian Swarts. Students reflecting on their experience commented that participating in the simulation made them realize how complex and polarizing simple issues can be when two or more sides are competing against each other in a single community.