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Prof. Bradley speaks about the importance of economic freedom

IWP adjunct professor Anne Rathbone Bradley is speaking around the country and internationally about the importance of economic freedom in the coming months.

She will discuss work and the importance of economic freedom at a symposium at Creighton University on “Labor Economics and the Vocation of Work,” which is taking place on March 31st and April 1st in Omaha, Nebraska.

From April 3-4, she will be speaking about the value of work and economic freedom at the Acton Institute China Conference.  She had also spoken at the Acton Institute earlier this month on Christianity and economic freedom (video here). She will again speak at Acton in June at the Acton University in Grand Rapids, Michigan, on “The Theological Importance of Economic Freedom.”

In May, she will speak at the William F. Buckley Jr. Society Leadership Retreat, held by the Intercollegiate Studies Institute, on the topic of “Income Inequality and Economic Freedom.”

Later in May, she will travel to Sao Paolo, Brazil to speak at Mackenzie Presbyterian University. There, she will give lectures on work an economic freedom, as well as on public choice and political decision making.

She will also participate as a lecturer for a seminar on “Moral Foundations of Capitalism,” which will be held at Clemson University in South Carolina from May 25-28.  The seminar, organized by the Foundation for Economic Education (FEE), is directed towards college students, recent graduates, and young professionals with a goal of exploring economic thinking, world issues, and an entrepreneurial mindset.

In June, she will speak at FEE’s FEEcon event in Atlanta, Georgia.  There, she will lead two sessions: one on the topic of “Introduction to Thinking about Economics,” and the other on “Addressing Concerns about Markets.”

At IWP, Prof. Bradley teaches Economics for Foreign Policy Makers (IWP 642), an eight-week course designed to equip students with a basic understanding of economic history, theory and practice. The course focuses on topics which can be applied to careers in foreign policy, intelligence, or national security.