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Iran-Contra expert presents on the decline of Constitutional law in America today

Mr. Thomas Wilson spoke to those in attendance at IWP on April 10, 2017, about the structural warping of American government to the point that it is unable to establish the prerequisite of good faith essential to maintaining the framework of the Constitutional system itself. Mr. Wilson explained that this seizing up of essential preconditions is the product of a highly intentional strategy by leftist organizations to erode the power of competitive, independent government. He proceeded to cite and draw a parallel between the opposition faced by both Presidents Reagan and Trump with regards to what Mr. Wilson saw as each president’s clear authority over issues of national security. In both cases, leftist ideologues have utilized their positions of power to redirect the normal functioning of Congress and the Judiciary into extra-legal–though culturally approved–activities. Nothing other than the naked observance of this fact, and the American public’s resolve to not be led astray, will resolve this issue, he concluded.