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Dr. Muravchik to speak on the Six Day War

On September 27, Dr. Joshua Muravchik, Distinguished Fellow at the DC-based World Affairs Institute, will be speaking at a special lecture on the Six Day War at the Westminster Institute in McLean, VA.

Dr. Muravchik will discuss his acclaimed book  Making David Into Goliath: How the World Turned Against Israel. This work, published by Encounter Books, provides a perspective on how Israel rose from a place of intense vulnerability to remarkable power, while also addressing the events which led up to the Yom Kipper War in 1973. Acknowledging today’s difficult environment in the Middle East, Dr. Muravchik also examines how Israel has become entangled in this situation, and the tension which exists between it and Palestine, Syria, Egypt, and Gaza.

Of his eleven books, this is perhaps his most commended, having received many distinguished reviews from the Washington Times, Times of Israel, and Fathom Journal.

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