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IWP launches Doctor of Statecraft and National Security program

Monument and flagIn January 2018, IWP will offer its first doctoral degree program: a Doctor of Statecraft and National Security (DSNS).

The DSNS, which is analogous to a DBA (Doctor of Business Administration), is tailored towards national security professionals as opposed to those who wish to pursue a teaching career. It is the only program of its kind in the United States.

“This professional doctorate is a logical extension of what we currently provide to our students,” commented IWP Academic Dean Mackubin Owens, who spearheaded the curriculum development for this program with support from faculty members, especially Drs. Streusand and Glancy. “Our intention is to build on the foundation of our successful MA programs in order further to educate national security professionals in the art of employing the integrated instruments of national power to achieve the ends of policy.”

Students in this program will complete requirements in three areas of study: principles of statecraft and strategy; a functional concentration (for instance, counterterrorism, diplomacy, intelligence, economic statecraft, or military strategy); and a regional concentration. In addition to completing the required classes, students will write a 75-page paper as well as pass a written examination in each area of study, and then pass both a written and oral comprehensive examination.

The DSNS requires 52 credits beyond a Master’s degree. It is expected that the degree will require three to five years to compete. In order to provide students with the flexibility to customize their degree while maintaining the structure IWP requires, all courses will be taught as tutorials. Based on the Oxford model, DSNS students will be provided an extensive list of readings for each tutorial, meet regularly with their professors, and pass an examination as well as produce an acceptable paper.

IWP created this program largely in response to interest from the alumni community. In an April 2017 survey, over 85% of alumni respondents said that they would apply for such a program or would be interested in principle.

The District of Columbia Higher Education Licensure Commission approved the DSNS program this November. The Middle States Commission on Higher Education had previously granted conditional accreditation approval of the program in late August, effective upon their receipt of evidence of state approval, which has now been accomplished.

The launch of this program is yet another significant milestone in the execution of IWP’s Strategic Plan and a sign of the Institute’s continued growth and maturity as a leading national provider of post-graduate education in the field of national security.

IWP plans to accept a maximum of three students into this program per year for the first three years.

Please click here for more information or to apply.