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Books from General Walter Jajko donated to IWP library

Jajko Collection at IWPMarilyn Jajko, the wife of the late IWP professor General Walter Jajko, donated nearly 2,000 books from the General’s book collection to the IWP library this past November. The titles include books on the various topics taught at the Institute such as: history, geography, political theory, philosophy, theology, and current events. Mrs. Jajko said that she is “glad that the books will find a new home and be put to good use by IWP students and faculty.”

Gen. Jajko had a distinguished career that spanned military strategy and intelligence. He served many years with the Office of the Secretary of Defense, was assistant to the Secretary of Defense for Intelligence Oversight, was director of the Special Advisory Staff at the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense, and served as the long-range planning chief at the Office of the Secretary of the Air Force. He was professor of military strategy at IWP for nearly a decade.

Once added to the library’s inventory, the books will include the Jajko family crest on the inside cover in honor of the late professor.

The IWP faculty, staff, and students would like to thank Mrs. Jajko once again for her very generous donation to the Institute’s library.


Alumni and students visit grave of General Jajko

Above: IWP students and alumni visiting General Jajko’s grave at Arlington National Cemetery.