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Intelligence community veteran Brian Lane joins Cyber Intelligence Initiative as an instructor

Intelligence community and maritime industry veteran Brian Lane will be teaching an IWP Cyber Intelligence Initiative (Ci2) course on Vital Cyber Analysis Skills starting in February 2017.

Mr. Lane is recognized across the U.S. Intelligence Community for extensive finished intelligence production as a Subject Matter Expert on Maritime issues. As a founding member of the ONI Civil Maritime Analysis Team, he personally shaped the team’s focus areas, production schedule, and analytical methodologies which are still in use today. He has extensive experience briefing senior policy-makers in both the Executive and Legislative branches of the government, and has worked extensively with other IC agencies as a task force member on multiple occasions.

Over a period of 10 years combined active and reserve duty, Mr. Lane served as a both a naval Intelligence and Strategic Sealift Officer at various commands. His awards include three meritorious citations from the Director of National Intelligence.

In addition to his IC background, Mr. Lane has over 10 years of experience in the maritime industry, including sea service as a deck officer aboard a wide variety of commercial ships such as container ships, offshore oil and gas exploration support vessels, and petroleum spill response vessels. He obtained an unlimited USCG license as Third Mate in 2005 and has served in operations positions ashore with a leading marine terminal management company representing international shipping companies like Evergreen, COSCO, ZIM, and Hanjin.

His education includes a B.S. in Marine Transportation/Global Logistics from the California Maritime Academy, and an M.S. in terrorism/counterterrorism studies from Henley-Putnam University.

The course that he will teach at IWP on Vital Cyber Analysis Skills is a professional development course that will inform students of the necessary skills and knowledge to conduct all-source cyber intelligence analysis.  The course imparts a special emphasis on predictive techniques. Students will first develop a foundational understanding of analysis skills. Following this introduction, students will initiate and develop their own case study in cyber open source intelligence. In tandem with their research, students will sharpen their presentation skills by drafting memoranda and delivering briefings based on their research.

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