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Three cyber courses to be offered by the IWP Cyber Intelligence Initiative this May

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This May, the IWP Cyber Intelligence Initiative (Ci2) will offer three professional development courses: Cyber Strategy Development, The International Law Applicable to Russian-U.S. Interactions in Cyberspace, and Vital Cyber Analysis Skills. 

These courses, which are geared towards cyber professionals in government and industry, will be offered on evenings and weekends to accommodate the schedules of those who are currently working in this field. Each course will be approximately 40 hours.*

Cyber Strategy Development will be taught by Joe Billingsley, founder of the Military Cyber Professionals Association. 

This course begins by introducing students to various concepts and methods associated with cyberspace and the development of strategies and plans. Through complimentary study, interaction, and practice, students will then gain understanding of the intersection between cyberspace, intelligence, strategy, planning, and application across diverse industries. The course culminates with each student producing a cyber strategy for any organization of their choosing. Students successfully completing this course will be able to (1) assess cyber strategies, (2) participate in the development of cyber strategies, and (3) lead development of cyber strategies. (More infoRegister)

Ethan Burger, an international attorney and educator with a background in cybersecurity, transnational financial crime, and Russian legal matters, will teach the course on Legal Dimension of Russian-U.S. Interactions in Cyberspace

The course will address the international law appropriate to the evolving frontier of offensive cyber capabilities. In particular, the course is designed with an emphasis on Russian cyber activity and subsequent US policy debates and responses.  As the course progresses, students will be challenged and grapple with defining standards for the behavior of states in cyberspace that is in line with international law. Subsequently, students will examine tension areas in US-Russian relations and learn how cyber capabilities affect interstate issues both old and new. (More infoRegister)

The course on Vital Cyber Analysis Skills will be taught by Brian Lane, a subject matter expert on Maritime issues, intelligence community veteran, and founding member of the ONI Civil Maritime Analysis Team. 

This course informs students of the necessary skills and knowledge to conduct all-source cyber intelligence analysis.  The course imparts a special emphasis on predictive techniques. Students will first develop a foundational understanding of analysis skills. Following this introduction, students will initiate and develop their own case study in cyber open source intelligence. In tandem with their research, students will sharpen their presentation skills by drafting memoranda and delivering briefings based on their research. (More infoRegister)

Tuition for each course will be $4,000 (commercial) and $3,000 (government and non-profit).

To learn more and register for these programs, please click here.

With any questions or to request a government/non-profit discount code, please contact Dean Lane at

*These courses are not part of IWP’s academic curriculum, and academic credits are not associated with them.