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Dr. Streusand comments on U.S. strikes in Syria


Streusand NDT TV

On April 19, 2018, Dr. Douglas Streusand was interviewed on Zooming In, where he spoke on the recent U.S. targeted attack on Syria. He discussed Russian capabilities and intentions of defending Syria against missile attacks: “… the United States has the ability to saturate Russian defenses. That is, to fire significantly more missiles than they have available. And this becomes even more true if our allies are involved.” Dr. Streusand added greater depth to the discussion of the U.S. missile attack, integrating his knowledge of the role and risks of U.S. electronic warfare in the theater.

He also spoke briefly on rising U.S.-Iranian tensions in the Middle East, and the U.S.’s withdrawal strategy from the Middle East. He commented: “We don’t want to leave the job unfinished. There are also serious questions about the whole future of the region. And if we pull out, we lose almost all of our leverage. We do not want to see Iran really in control of Syria.”

Dr. Steusand teaches at the Marine Corps Command and Staff College, and at IWP, he teaches Contemporary Conflict in the Greater Middle East, Enemy Threat Doctrine of GLobal Jihadism, Greater Middle East, and Islam in Contemporary Global Politics.

Please click here for the full interview.