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Dean Lane speaks at ISACA Silicon Valley Spring Conference

The Institute of World Politics (IWP) Senior Vice President for Cyber Intelligence, Dean Lane, gave a presentation on cyber intelligence at the Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA) Silicon Valley Spring Conference on May 3. His lecture was entitled “Cyber Intelligence: What Is It, And Why Is It Different Than Cyber Security.”

The conference, which was themed “Cybersecurity, Governance & GDPR” took place at the Biltmore Hotel and Suites in Santa Clara, California. Its goal was to “bring together industry experts and provide an avenue to further the discussion on critical issues associated with cybersecurity, governance and GDPR.” Other speakers included Marta O’Shea, IT Audit Director, Wells Fargo Bank; Johanna Terronez, Senior Manager, Grant Thornton LLP; Kum Chai Shin, Director of Information Security at Western Digital; and Navarasu Dhanasekar, Sr. Director, Cyber Governance and InfoSec at GE Digital.

Mr. Lane heads IWP’s Cyber Intelligence Initiative (Ci2), a professional education program designed by business leaders and national security experts to help practitioners and companies better understand the intersection between cyberspace, intelligence, counterintelligence, and national security.  Upon completing the program, attendees know how to use intelligence to develop policies and operations that proactively increase security and reduce business risk.

Previously, Mr. Lane has founded his own company, taught courses at Universities in California, was the Chief Information Officer for multiple companies, worked for a Big Four Consulting firm, and spent his time in the military with the Special Forces.  He is the author of three #1 best-selling books related to information technology.