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Prof. Thomas Flichy de La Neuville hosts Future Wars Seminar at St. Cyr

On May 15-17th, IWP Research Professor Thomas Flichy de La Neuville hosted the annual “Future Wars Seminar” at the École spéciale militaire de Saint-Cyr, where he heads the Department of War Studies.

On May 15th, he delivered opening remarks on geopolitical tensions around the world that threaten to become open-ended conflicts. Professor Flichy also delivered remarks titled “Low Signals on Future Conflicts” on May 16th. The themes of these remarks are a part of the larger discussion on the future of the French military presence around the world, including in conflict hot-spots like the Middle East and the African Sahel.

Professor Flichy has conducted numerous research projects that focus on the vitality of civilizations, and through his work he has developed a geocultural indicator to assess the liveliness of civilizations.” His publications, such as Les Loups Sont de Retour (The Wolves are Back) and Le Retournement Trump (The Trump Reversal), focus on domestic changes in Europe and challenges to post-WWII international order.