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Dr. John Lenczowski discusses US-China relations with Simone Gao

The Institute of World Politics’ founder and president, Dr. John Lenczowski, recently appeared on Zooming In with Simone Gao to discuss the current state of United States-Chinese relations.

Dr. Lenczowski addressed several questions about the US and China, including one about the current state of the Chinese economy compared to that of Russia during the Cold War. “I think that China’s economy is much, much stronger than the Soviet economy of that period. The Chinese Communists learned a lesson from the mismanagement of affairs by the Soviet Communists… If we choke off the technology [thefts] from China, and they decide they can no longer present themselves to us as an enemy and as an oppressive power against their own people, then maybe political change can take place.”

Additionally, Dr. Lenczowski spoke about whether a U.S.-China arms race is beginning, his thoughts on President Trump’s overall strategy towards China, and whether or not China and the U.S. are compatible in the long run as major powers with conflicting ideologies and strategic goals.

The entire episode may be found here.