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Senior VP Dean Lane discusses cyber intelligence on Task Force 7 Radio

Dean Lane 400x500IWP Senior Vice President of Cyber Intelligence Dean Lane spoke with George Rettas on Task Force 7 Radio in an episode entitled “The Convergence of Politics and Cyber Security.” Mr. Lane discussed The Institute of World Politics, the Cyber Intelligence Initiative (Ci2), the meaning of cyber intelligence, and his career.

Mr. Lane began by explaining the mission of the Institute to educate students on statecraft and its ethical conduct. He then discussed the Cyber Intelligence Initiative and its eventual plans to offer a Master’s degree at IWP.

Mr. Lane explained the distinction between cyber intelligence and cybersecurity. Cyber intelligence includes cybersecurity but also incorporates additional elements. The program focuses on three core tenets: product, process, and threat. Product describes the assessment of an adversary’s abilities, intentions, and actions. Process encompasses discerning an adversary’s intentions and capabilities, such as how they obtain information and process it. Lastly, threat involves determining the danger that an adversary poses and how to address it.

Mr. Rettas asked Mr. Lane about his long career before joining the Institute. Before working with technology, Mr. Lane was a member of the Special Forces, which taught him self-discipline that has aided him throughout his life. He then described his experience working with technology companies, consulting firms, and in Silicon Valley. He stressed the importance of being a practitioner in a field in order to best understand it. He described the professors in the Cyber Intelligence Initiative as practitioners as well. Mr. Lane noted their diverse backgrounds which allows the program to fully address the field of cyber intelligence.

Please click here to listen. Dean Lane begins speaking at the 8:47 minute mark.

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