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Prof. Rebeccah Heinrichs discusses Trump’s missile defense plans

On Thursday, January 17th, President Trump announced his decision to expand the missile defense program through the incorporation of space technology. Rebeccah Heinrichs, an adjunct faculty member at The Institute of World Politics and senior fellow at the Hudson Institute, shared her perspective on President Trump’s defense initiatives on PBS NewsHour.

Joe Cirincione of the Ploughshares Fund also appeared on the show and argued that any efforts made in the technological advancement of missile defense is dangerous and could presumably lead to an arms race. There is no guarantee that such a technological breakthrough is achievable.

Professor Heinrichs emphasized the stability provided through the development of space technology. She argued that it will allow the U.S. to protect itself and its allies against global threats while increasing its regional stability.

Several countries pose as a national security threat due to their advancement in missile defense. Specifically, Russia and China continue to show efforts in the development of hypersonic missiles. These can go untraced without space sensors.

Thus, Professor Heinrichs asserts the U.S. can only gain from space technology in the long-term. It will help to deter adversaries and provide an advantage during times of war.

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