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IWP President John Lenczowski discusses Russia and China on America Daily

IWP President John Lenczowski recently spoke with Tabitha Smiles on America Daily as part of the series “Great Minds/Lessons from History.” In the two-part interview, Dr. Lenczowski discussed the reality of communism in the Soviet Union, President Reagan, and the rise of China. Dr. Lenczowksi spoke from his experience as principal advisor to President Reagan on Soviet Affairs when he was the Director of European and Soviet Affairs at the National Security Council.

Dr. Lenczowksi began by describing the worst aspect of living under communism as the force feeding of a steady diet of lies. As the lies tighten around society, they become not just a political mechanism but an attack on human dignity. Dr. Lenczowski characterized Leninism and Marxism as a disease of the intelligentsia that allowed materialism to triumph over the dignity of the human being. He then spoke about the futility of arms agreements in creating peace with the Soviet Union. The Soviet Union never heeded the agreements, and the deals only addressed a symptom of Cold War tension but not the root cause of it.

Next, Dr. Lenczowski discussed how censorship on the part of media helped uphold the communist control of the Soviet Union. Dr. Lenczowski stated that the media censored itself out of self-interest – cooperation with the propaganda system provided more access to the government. Dr. Lenczowski also described the Soviet media influence that existed abroad, from Japan to the United States. He concluded the first part of the interview by stating that, although McCarthy used crude tactics and lacked solid documentation, he was accurate about the number of Soviet spies and agents working in the United States.

Dr. Lenczowski opened the second section of the interview by describing the most important thing President Reagan did with regards to the Soviet Union: “He started telling the truth.” President Reagan began the United States’ aggressive fight against Soviet propaganda and disinformation. His efforts were heard around the world and encouraged people inside the Soviet Union to resist. Dr. Lenczowski characterized President Reagan’s exposure of the truth about the Soviet Union as the greatest success of his Soviet policy.

Dr. Lenczowski expressed the importance of Soviet dissidents in explaining the realities of communism. This brought Dr. Lenczowski to the final topic of the interview: China. He called for Chinese dissidents to be received in the White House in order to magnify their messages. Dr. Lenczowski described the scope of Chinese influence in the United States from the political neutralizations of sections of the American business sectors to Confucius Institutes at American universities. He stated that, while Chinese state capitalism may work temporarily, it cannot work permanently. Lack of human rights is intolerable to flourishing. Lastly, Dr. Lenczowski called on the Chinese-American community to educate their fellow Americans on the deadly history and current tyranny of Chinese communism.

Please click here to listen to the first part of the interview. The portion with Dr. Lenczowski begins at the 6:19 minute mark, and he begins speaking at 6:52.

Please click here to listen to the second part of the interview. The portion with Dr. Lenczowski begins at the 5:19 minute mark, and he begins speaking at 5:51.