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Library expands collection, welcomes new staff

IWP Library

The Institute of World Politics is founded on the idea that knowledge and mastery of the arts of statecraft and their synthesis can allow students to prevent war and secure vital national interests while minimizing the need to use force. The library is an important part of this mission, working as a powerful tool to supplement in-class instruction and assist students in their rigorous academic demands.

The Institute of World Politics library is pleased to announce recent additions to its extensive collection, a new Library Assistant, and upcoming scheduled orientation sessions that aim to ensure students are fully equipped to take advantage of the substantial resources the department has to offer.

The IWP Library is honored to have received the unique opportunity to add the personal collection of Dr. Stefan Possony to its vast repertoire of materials for faculty and students, as graciously donated by Mr. Gregory Copley and Mrs. Pamela von Gruber Copley of the International Strategic Studies Association (ISSA). Dr. Possony was a Senior Fellow and the director of International Studies at the Hoover Institution, and he co-founded the ISSA with Mr. Copley in 1972. The distinguished economist and military historian was perhaps most famous for conceiving the Reagan-era U.S. Strategic Defense Initiative.

Over 70 boxes of books are being added to the library’s vast catalogue, covering subjects such as World Wars I and II, the Russian and Chinese revolutions, the Cold War, the development of air power, space and rockets, psychological operations, Possony’s personal research, and more. Some of the most unique additions are transcripts of the Kennedy Assassination hearings, transcripts of the Nuremberg trials, and other monographs and articles written by Dr. Possony himself. IWP is truly grateful to Mr. and Mrs. Copley for their generous support.

In addition to these one-of-a-kind resources, the IWP Library is also pleased to announce our recent subscription to JSTOR’s exclusive “Security Studies Collection.” This extensive collection covers such subjects as cybersecurity, foreign policy, international law, military studies, peace and conflict studies, terrorism and political violence, and other related areas. This powerful new research tool will be available to our Doctoral and Graduate students.

The IWP Library is similarly pleased to announce the addition of our newest staff member, Library Assistant Garrett Henderson. Garrett is currently a part-time student at IWP, enrolled in the Strategic Intelligence Studies program. He previously attended Anderson University and obtained a B.A. in Political Science, Computer Science, and Psychology. Mr. Henderson will replace Derek French, who is moving back to his home state of Rhode Island to work as a government contractor.

In addition, the IWP Library continues to encourage students to leverage the vast quantity of information and materials at their disposal through the library’s diverse and voluminous suit of electronic databases. The IWP Library subscribes to services, including: Nexis Uni, JSTOR, EBSCO’s Religion and Philosophy Collection, Political Science Complete, Military and Government Collection, International Security & Counter Terrorism Reference Center, Academic Search Premier, and more, all for the exclusive use of IWP students and faculty.

To help students understand the depth and breadth of material at their fingertips by attending IWP, the library offers scheduled orientation sessions to meet with library staff and receive a detailed description of the resources at their disposal. Moreover, the library staff encourages students to request individual or small-group research instruction at any time throughout the semester.

“IWP Library resources can make a disproportionate impact on student papers, presentations, and research” commented Director of Library Services Dmitry Kulik. “I encourage students to take advantage of this opportunity.”

The Institute of World Politics Library looks forward to supporting students and faculty with exceptional resources, knowledgeable staff, and unique materials throughout the year.