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IWP faculty and staff host the United States Army War College National Security Staff Ride lecture series

USAWC Group at IWP, May 2019

On Thursday, May 9th, fifteen students from the United States Army War College (USAWC) visited IWP for a day of seminars, which focused on national security, cyber intelligence, and international affairs.

The group, which has visited for the last several years, was led by Prof. Fred Gellert and Chris Glass, IWP Senior Vice President. The trip is a foundational part of the strategic education curriculum in the 10-month USAWC program that prepares executive-level military, civilian, and international officers to assume strategic leadership positions throughout the military and government agencies. Many of the students who attended will become the generals, admirals, and senior executive service leaders of the future.

Lecturers included IWP Dean of Academics Dr. Frank Marlo, IWP Senior Vice President for Cyber Intelligence Dean Lane, and Mr. Joe Billingsley, founder of the Military Cyber Professionals Association, Adjunct Faculty at the George Washington University, and Instructor for the IWP Cyber Intelligence Initiative.