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IWP hosts officers from the Belgian Command and General Staff College

Belgian Defense College Visit

On Monday June 24, 2019, officers from the Belgian Command and General Staff College visited IWP as part of their annual United States capstone tour. This is the third year in a row that students from the College have visited the Institute during the Washington portion of their trip.

Thirty-three officers from 12 nations attended the four-hour program. The visit was organized at the request of Brigadier General Georges Franchomme, the Belgian Defense Attaché. Major General Lutgardis Claes, Commandant and Rector of the Belgian Royal Military Academy, was the Senior Officer in attendance.

Speakers included Dr. John Lenczowski, IWP Founder and President; Captain Dean Lane, USN (Ret.), IWP Senior Vice President for Cyber Intelligence; Academic Dean Dr. Frank Marlo; and Colonel Frederick Gellert, USA (Ret.) of the United States Army War College.  After a review of IWP’s mission and discussion on “active measures” by Russia and China by Dr. Lenczowski, speakers presented lectures on force and resource management, Russian competitive strategies, and cyber intelligence predictions for 2020.

The day concluded with a reception at the residence of Belgian Ambassador to the United States, the Honorable Mr. Dirk Wouters.

The visit was hosted by IWP Senior Vice President Christopher D. Glass, Sr., Captain, USN (Ret.).

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