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Dr. Christopher C. Harmon discusses Iran nuclear and terrorism policy issues

On May 2, 2019, IWP professor Dr. Christopher C. Harmon discussed “Iran Nuclear and Terrorism Policy Issues” on an expert panel at the Heritage Foundation.

He began his discussion with an analysis of previous terrorist attacks during the Iran/ Iraq War. He described the chronology and progression of terrorist attacks from assassination attempts and the rise of various terrorist groups. He also noted the recruitment of military personnel and officials into terrorist organizations and attack planning.

He then moved on to a discussion of newer attacks and lethal activity. He drew attention to the Iran Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) and its deep involvement in deadly attacks on Americans.

Professor Harmon discussed the expansion of Iranian violence outside of Lebanon and Iran. These attacks took place throughout Africa, Europe, and South America, ultimately affecting a nation’s sovereignty.

Dr. Harmon described the IRGC activity as “a religious army defending the regime.” He drew on a recently declassified report referring to the Revolutionary Guard as “the principal agent of terrorism in Lebanon.” He also noted the close relationship between guard activity and the Hezbollah terrorist organization.

In his final point, Professor Harmon discussed the recent establishment of sanctions on Iran. He considers these to be “well-judged” based on the Guard’s powerful economic and military influence in the country. The facilitation of attacks and logistical support have also been tied to North Korean resources. The IRGC is one of many ways the two countries have been linked based on an interest in the development of weapons and nuclear technology.

At IWP, Prof. Harmon teaches Military Strategy: Theory and Practice (IWP 628) and Terrorist Advocacy and Propaganda (IWP 686).

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