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IWP welcomes new Russian professor, Elizabeth Mastri

Liza MastriThis semester, IWP welcomes a new Russian professor, Elizabeth Mastri. Ms. Mastri has been a language instructor since 2015 and has worked at the Comprehensive Language Center and the Berlitz Language Center. In 2016, she obtained a “Teacher of Russian Language for Foreign Students” certification from Moscow State University.

In her professional career, Ms. Mastri has worked as a Hydro-engineer for the Scientific-Research Institute of Hydraulic Engineering and Land Reclamation and a Manager of the Scientific Developmental Agency in the Division of Ukrainian Agricultural Academy in Kiev, Ukraine. She had been volunteering for the Citizens Network for Foreign Affairs and the Association of the US Army.

Fluent in Russian and Ukrainian languages, Ms. Mastri will use her international expertise and history of teaching government officials to educate the students of IWP using a multimedia and multi-dimensional curriculum. Welcome, Professor Mastri!

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