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Dr. John Lenczowski discusses his experience fighting communism in The Epoch Times

Dr. John Lenczowski, IWP Founder and President, was quoted extensively by the Epoch Times in a recent article, “Reagan’s Epochal Battle Against Communism Offers Lessons.” In the article, Dr. Lenczowski spoke about his experience serving on Reagan’s National Security Council from 1983 to 1987 and how the administration worked to connect with people in the Soviet empire. During the Cold War, many people living under the Soviet regime were forced into silence. He explained that Reagan’s goal was to undermine the control that the Soviet Union had over its people. 

He also noted that many scholars and policy experts believed that the Soviet system was permanent and that the U.S. government should tread softly with communism. However, Reagan was adamant that the Soviet system had weaknesses and could be taken down.  

The Epoch Times concluded its article with Dr. Lenczowski highlighting the importance of public diplomacy in today’s foreign policy establishment, “The State Department has long had a culture that focuses principally on relations with governments, as opposed to relations with people.” To change this culture, Dr. Lenczowski asserted, the political leadership must be involved.  

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