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IWP welcomes French Professor Rachael Williams

IWP has recently had the pleasure of welcoming a new member to our faculty as a French language instructor: Professor Rachael Williams. Prof. Williams has had a career in cross-cultural teaching and has lived in a variety of countries across the globe. Though she is joining our faculty to teach the French language, Prof. Williams is also fluent in Spanish, conversational German and dabbles in Arabic, Persian and Russian, as well.

In addition to teaching at IWP, Prof. Williams is also a language instructor at Liberty University, as well as serving as a language and culture consultant for a variety of domestic and international organizations. Prof. Williams is also the founding editor of Voices of Justice Magazine, a magazine which exists to “empower, inspire and release voices in the fight against human trafficking.” Voices of Justice provides a platform for those on the frontlines of the human trafficking conflict to be heard and creates a network between likeminded individuals dedicated to combating the epidemic of human-trafficking and modern day slavery. As part of her work as the founding editor, Prof. Williams has worked with organizations such as A21, World Vision, and Free the Slaves.

We are excited to welcome someone to the faculty who is not only extremely knowledgeable about language and culture but also has demonstrated a consistent passion to fulfill the goals of others who have struggled to have their voices heard.

Welcome to IWP, Professor Williams!

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