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Intelligence Community veteran Darlene Almont to teach this spring

Darlene AlmontDarlene Almont, a former U.S. Air Force Major with over 30 years of experience in the intelligence community, will teach Estimative Intelligence Analysis and Epistemology at IWP this spring.

During Prof. Almont’s 30+ year career, she has worked in military intelligence for more than 25 years (including 10 years of active duty, an 11th year called back for 9/11, and the remainder in the reserves) and as a civilian intelligence officer for 21 years, concurrent with her military reserves career.  She is an Assistant Professor at the Director of National Intelligence (DNI)/Defense Intelligence Agency’s (DIA) National Intelligence University (NIU), the U.S. government’s accredited master’s degree-granting institution; teaching Strategic Intelligence courses at the Top Secret level.

As a civilian, she worked: for the FBI as an Assistant Section Chief & Senior Intelligence Officer, Directorate of Intelligence; on the President of the United State’s Middle East Task Force (METF/Arab Spring Crisis) as (by name request) the Senior Defense Analyst & Military Intelligence Officer; for CIA’s clandestine service as a Special Operations Program Officer; with the DNI as a DNI Exceptional Analyst Research Fellow; and for the Department of Homeland Security/Transportation Security Administration (DHS/TSA), as their sole and senior-most intelligence and terrorism “Senior Intelligence Officer” subject matter expert, working defensive homeland Counter-Terrorism.

On the DNI staff, she served Joint Duty assignment positions in the National Intelligence Council and the Information Sharing Program Office.

At DIA, she has worked in almost every component, in a number of capacities: including Senior 9/11 DoD Joint Staff Target Development Officer; Senior Intelligence Officer, Directorate of Technology; Senior Intelligence Analyst, Militant Islam, Libya, Middle East/North Africa Military Leadership; Branch Chief & acting section chief, Arabian Peninsula Analysis; Iran Air & Iraq Air Defense Analyst; Military Capabilities Analyst; Battle Damage Assessment Analyst; and field-assigned HUMINT collector.

As a combat intelligence and HUMINT officer with the United States Air Force and DIA, she served as an intelligence officer for over two years in five different combat/hazardous duty zones and at every level and echelon of the military: from front-line tactical unit/squad level up through squadron/platoon, wing/company, numbered Air Force/brigade, Major Command, to Pentagon/Joint Staff; in both Air Force and joint environments; and including front-line tip-of-the-spear field/combat assignments with the most elite of army Special Forces as well as both combat zone and Pentagon Indications & Warning intelligence.

“Prof. Almont’s record of service to our country, including her experience in the military and at the highest levels of the intelligence community, will inspire our students and greatly contribute to their practical education in the intelligence profession,” commented IWP Dean Dr. Frank Marlo. “We are truly pleased to welcome her to the faculty.”

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