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CIA veteran Gene Poteat donates intelligence collection to library

Gene Poteat, an IWP alumnus, Professor Emeritus, and former CIA Scientific Intelligence Officer, donated 73 books on intelligence and related topics to the IWP library in October.

Prof. Poteat, one of the fathers of electronic intelligence warfare and a recipient of the CIA’s Intelligence Medal of Merit and the National Reconnaissance Office Meritorious Civilian Award, was one of IWP’s first master’s degree recipients in 2002. He recalls:

“At the time, I recognized there were no books or library to support professors Ken deGraffenreid, Dr. John Dziak, and Henry Sokolski. They relied on their extensive experience and often loaned out their few personal books to students. An IWP library was eventuality created, but their donated books were limited and often more about politics than intelligence. Over the years, I had collected many books especially useful for professors and serious students studying intelligence. Upon my recent retirement, I decided to donate my library to IWP to enhance their new and expanding library.”

The collection donated by Prof. Poteat was sought after by several colleges and includes many rare intelligence books that are not available elsewhere.

The IWP library is also home to the collections of William J. Casey, former Director of Central Intelligence;  Dr. Stefan Possony, who conceived the Reagan-era U.S. Strategic Defense Initiative; Brian Kelley, a CIA veteran and former IWP professor; and General Walter Jajko, USAF (Ret.), a former IWP professor whose career spanned military strategy and intelligence.

IWP Library Director Dmitry Kulik commented: “Students past and present have found the personal collections of IWP professors and supporters which were donated to the Library to be most beneficial to their research.”

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