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Former CIA analyst Wallace Spaulding donates books to library

Inspired by a gift of books to IWP by Dr. Nicholas Dujmovic of Catholic University, former CIA analyst Wallace Spaulding donated 26 volumes of the Yearbook for International Communist Affairs published by the Hoover Institution to the IWP library.

This yearbook is probably the definitive scholarly reference guide to international communist movements and parties all around the world. Several sections of the yearbook were written by Mr. Spaulding himself.

Mr. Spaulding is a longtime friend of IWP who was in charge of international communist affairs during his time at the CIA. He also specialized in Southeast Asian and Pacific Affairs.

In addition to the yearbook, Mr. Spaulding donated a copy of his book Is the Comintern Coming Back?

This marks the second donation to the IWP library from Mr. Spaulding. His first donation to the library was significant and contained quite a few books on Southeast Asia and the Pacific region.

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